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Lemare is an equal opportunity employer that supports the professional development of our staff and supports community. We facilitate apprenticeships, technical training, business administration training, and offer opportunities for advancement.


We have helped many employees in our rural operations further their careers and education, and support employees that show a commitment to excellence, professionalism and life long learning. 

Excavator Tractor


We provide entry-level employment positions, and encourage people with skills and talent to maximize their potential through hands-on learning opportunities. 

Lemare engages with secondary and post-secondary education providers to find the most talented and motivated young workers. 

Vancouver Island University, University of British Columbia, and University of Northern B.C. and Thompson Rivers University are just some of the many schools offering training in forest sector and in environmental education. Explore the links below for more information.



At Lemare Group, in the past 30 years we have fostered the development of over 45 red-seal professionals. 

Contact us for more information about shop and mechanical opportunities with the Lemare Group, or visit the website of one of the many trade and technical schools located throughout B.C.



In our engineering and administration offices we offer training and room for advancement.


We have a complex operation, with positions available for professionals and entry level staff.

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“My fourteen year career at Lemare have been excellent. I have gotten training, have full benefits, and work in an exciting environment with colleagues who have become friends.”

​​Denise Rushton, Administration

“We've rebuilt hundreds of machines. I love the work.”
Stu Crabe, Mechanic

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