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ABOUT US Staff and Management Team

Our experienced, professional and adaptive team make our operations successful through positive and challenging business cycles. We pride ourselves on hiring and training the best management and support team in the industry: dedicated, professional people with a commitment to stewardship, teamwork, their professions, and a healthy environment.

Lemare believes in the power of diversity - both in hiring and in our business practices. Our multiple business lines make up the Lemare Group, and provide opportunity for our employees to learn and advance. 

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Chris Dutcyvich

Managing Partner, CEO C&E  

Chris is leads construction operations, strategic direction in heavy civil construction, partnership innovations, business development and occupational health and safety.

Ian Zimmerman

General Manager, Maintenance and Manufacturing

Ian heads Lemare Group's maintenance and manufacturing team and brings decades of hands on practical and professional industry experience to this role.

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Dan Parker

General Manager, C&E Roadbuilders Ltd. 

Dan heads up Lemare Group's construction team, C&E Roadbuilder's Ltd. Dan is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient management of C&E's complex day to day operations.

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Jennifer Ravai

Manager, Recruitment and Logistics

Jennifer is responsible for supporting and coordinating the field supervisors management of day to day logistics. Jennifer is also responsible for forestry worker recruitment. 

Andrew Murray, RPF

Manager, Engineering Services, Planning 

and Tenure Management

Andrew manages engineering and professional services for C&E Roadbuilders Ltd. 

Ken Johnson

Lions Gate Tenure Management Ltd.

Ken manages the Lion's Gate team and brings decades of industry experience to this role.

Denise Rushton

Payroll Accounts Supervisor

Denise supervises Lemare Group's employee accounts department.

Eric Dutcyvich

Managing Partner, CEO Lemare

Eric's primary focus is on natural and renewable resource operations, Indigenous partnerships, business development, finance and occupational health and safety. 

Milan Tuba, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer, Lemare Group of Companies

Milan heads up the Lemare Group's Finance Team and works with the managing partners and department heads to provide strategic direction and ensure fiduciary compliance.

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Mike Lynes

General Manager, Forestry Operations

Mike heads Lemare Group's team of timber harvesting professionals. He is responsible for setting goals and targets and supporting our supervisors in the field achieve safe and efficient operations. 

Ann-Marie Baron

Manager, Occupational Health & Safety and Labour Relations

Ann-Marie is responsible for coordinating the Lemare Group's Occupational Health and Safety program and Labour Relations. 

Shawn Brand

General Foreman, Forestry Operations

Shawn is responsible for field supervision and operational oversight in Lemare's Forestry operations.

Matt Herman, CPA


Matt is Lemare Group's Financial Controller. Matt brings experience from a variety of industries and is an integral part of the Finance Team. 

OUR VALUES The Lemare Group

We are committed to sustaining a stable environment for our employees and community. We work hard to make Lemare a top employer in the region. Our values guide our daily operations in a challenging industry and environment. 


  • Safety 

  • Performance

  • Partnership

  • Teamwork

  • Sustainability 

  • Environmental Responsibility 

  • Community 

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