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Our Commitment - We are committed to working collaboratively, constructively, and respectfully in the Traditional Territories of British Columbia's First Nations. 


Our Values - We believe in equity, fairness, transparency, communication and integrity.

Our Approach - We partner and meaningfully engage with First Nations government and leadership to develop comprehensive plans. As part of this process, all plans and proposals are collectively built to provide for sharing, inquiry, feedback and approvals.


Our Partnerships - We have been building meaningful and successful relationships with our Indigenous partners for over two decades. These efforts have resulted in consistently fair, equitable and  productive partnerships. 


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Lemare is honoured to work within the Traditional Territories of coastal B.C. First Nations.


Lemare is focused on building mutually successful long-term working relationships with our Indigenous partners .

Lemare is committed to creating sustainable business models that enhance stewardship values on the land base, and will provide consistent socioeconomic benefits for our Indigenous partners. 



Lemare and partnering Nations work together provide employment and skills training for First Nations people looking for work in a variety of natural resource sector careers. 

Lemare collaborates to create employment and skills training opportunities for all people who show interest and aptitude to work in the natural resource sector or supporting business disciplines, from finance to administration and camp and support services.


​​Lemare believes that for partnerships and engagement to be meaningful, all interactions must involve inclusive collaboration, acknowledgement and understanding of many perspectives. 


Lemare values the insight, recommendations and wisdom provided by our Indigenous partners.


Lemare acknowledges that our future success will be measured by the success of our Indigenous partners and the quality of all of our collective relationships.  

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