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Learn about our Professional Foresters: The Association of BC Forest Professional (ABCFP)

PORT McNEILL, B.C. September 20, 2020 - The Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCPF) is responsible for registering and regulating the forest professionals and technologists that constitute our planning and leadership teams at Lemare. They are the largest professional forestry association in Canada, and the first to include technologists. (www.ABCFP.CA)

Forest professionals adhere to a code of professional ethics and guide ethical forest stewardship practices through independent professional roles at Lemare. The ABCFP do this by:

  • Protecting the public interest by regulating the practice of professional forestry and providing accreditation for members.

  • Provide legal permitting to professionals eligible to practise professional forestry in B.C. The ABCFP established the conditions or requirements for registration and establishes, monitors, and enforces standards of practice.

  • The ABCFP preserves and protects reserved titles (RPF, RFT) or reserved practices, as applicable, and guards against the unlawful use of reserved titles or the unlawful practise of reserved practices.

Want to know more about the credentials involved in being a Forest Professional? Here is a handy infographic from the ABCPF explaining the two main types of forest professionals, the types of work they commonly do, and the educational requirements to become a forest professional.


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