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Policy, oversight, proactive planning, and an expectation of personal accountability promote a safe culture within the company. It is the mission of Lemare Group companies to send everyone home, safe and healthy, every day. 


Lemare Lake Logging is a BC Forest Safety Council SAFE CERTIFIED company.  Priority, commitment, training, and an audited safety management system are required to become SAFE CERTIFIED.


We work with our employees and their families to ensure that health benefits are available and accessible to everyone. Our work culture addresses the key determinants of health and we know that the health and safety for our employees doesn't begin and end at work. We care for the longevity of our people, and we have strategies that address the health and safety our team 24 hours a day. 

Recognition & Safety Awards


We are a SAFE CERTIFIED company that has achieved industry wide recognition and multiple awards for our progressive and effective safety management systems.

Lemare has rigid standards around safety. No work shall be performed until it is safe to do so. Planning, training, constant monitoring and accountability at all levels ensure the safety of our workers. 


There is no compromising when it comes to safety and SAFE work procedures. 

Safe Certified Audits


B.C. Forest Safety Council SAFE CERTIFIED organizations perform better. They are reliable, predictable and efficient.


"Having an effective safety management system in place helps reduce incidents and injuries; companies improve their reliability, quality and competitiveness." 

Lemare Lake Logging is a SAFE Certified company. Visit the BC Forest Safety Council Web page to learn more. 

Our OH&S Program


Safety is the overriding priority in all our operations.  We use a result-based, cultural approach to managing safety in the workplace. Safety is everybody's responsibility. 


The ownership, senior management and dedicated safety program managers and professionals are working daily with our foreman and workers to ensure the highest standards of occupational health and safety.  


Please contact our lead health & safety officer for more information.

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