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Foreshore restoration and erosion control: an emergent need

Port McNeill, B.C. Spring 2021 - Foreshore and erosion restoration are works that are increasing in demand the past 10 years. This spring we embarked on a project with Kwakuitl First Nations at their Indigenous owned Cluxewe Resort to abate both erosion to the foreshore from ocean water and increased fluvial erosion from the river.

The works were conducted on multiple sites and occurred over the period of February 16th - March 1st, 2021. The work included emergency maintain works, reclamation work, assessment of site characteristics, and standard environmental mitigation measures were taken to ensure the work was completed with minimal impact. This type of work is done in conjunction with Independent Professional Biologists who managed, monitored and advised on activities in potential Salmon habitat areas, intertidal zone, impact mitigation strategies and more. All marine foreshore and stream works are monitored by qualified environmental professionals and was reported out on and signed off by a Registered Professional Biologist.

The physical scope of work planned to address the issues consisted predominantly of armouring the sites again water erosion. This was done with coarse rock and natural materials such as logs, sand, and a heavy landscape-type fabric commonly used in erosion control. Machine operators with the highest degree of coastal experience were sent in to perform the works in partnership with the clients, engineers, and biologists.

Have a look at the photos below. A soft touch from the operators, minimal impact, a natural look, and a result engineered to last!


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