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Kwakiutl First Nation: Stewardship, Community, Land, Culture - a partnership in resource planning

Kwakiutl Territory, May 12 2022 - The team at Lions Gate Forest Products Ltd. (Lions Gate) is honoured and excited to have entered into a co-facilitation and planning agreement with our hosts and neighbours the Kwakiutl Nation.

In this forestry planning and resource management relationship, Lions Gate first and foremost upholds the stewardship values and sustainable development goals (SDG's) of the Nation. Transparency, good governance, grassroots community connections, economic equity, and new and innovative ways of working on the land base and in our communities are core principles in this co-management/planning agreement. Lions Gate is pleased to bring our knowledge to the Nation to assist their band council goals.

Lions Gate and Kwakiutl Band Council collaborated for three years and with two Band Councils in a process of listening, learning, sharing and planning prior to making this work official. Lions Gate is honoured to have the trust of the Nation to participate in their Land Use Planning implementation and economic development, and to be embarking on a positive co-management agreement for the financial benefit of the Nation and the greater North Island Community.

From Kwakiutl Chief Grace Wilson:


· Increased participation in stewardship and works performed on Kwakiutl land base, and see both increased stewardship values and increased financial returns from those works

· Increased planning and decision making in resource management with communities, Forest License and Tenure Holders, and visiting multi-national corporations.

· Economic benefits increased and secured for the Nation by participating in both the works already occurring throughout the territory and in emerging opportunities.

· Kwakiutl will develop new sustainable business lines, in alignment with the stewardship and resource plans of the Nation.

· Kwakiutl will create opportunities for employment and capacity building by strengthening partnerships and industry sharing.

· Kwakiutl will share in profits generated through resource works within our Territory.

· These actions will all occur according to our defined stewardship plan and management agreements. We honour the Kwakiutl First Nation and Land Use Plan established by the Nation in a fair and equitable process for every Kwakiutl member."

Please contact Kwakiutl Forestry Office with any questions - email or by phone 250-902-9133. Gilakas'la

Lions Gate Forest Products Ltd. (Lions Gate) is one of the Lemare Group Companies. Lions Gate offers Tenure Management services in British Columbia. Learn more about Lions Gate here:

Kwakiutl First Nation and Lemare working on the Kwakiutl Forestry Program 2022


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