ABOUT US The Lemare Group

From their base of operations in Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, the Lemare Group has been providing natural resource management solutions to the  British Columbia coast since 1984. Our values driven team are industry leaders guided by an en enduring need to succeed. The relentless pursuit of excellence by consistently delivering quality, value and stewardship and an overarching commitment to the occupational health and safety of our work force has allowed our adaptive team to thrive through the most challenging business cycles.


We pride ourselves on hiring, training and retaining the best in the industry: dedicated, professional people with a commitment to teamwork, their professions, and a healthy environment.

Lemare believes in the power of diversity and inclusiveness - both in hiring and in our business practices. We are proud and fortunate to work within the traditional territories of our indigenous hosts. Together we are committed to building sustainable partnerships and healthy  communities. 


Our multiple business lines make up the Lemare Group. We welcome you to engage with us and understand the difference.  

OUR VALUES The Lemare Group

We are committed to sustaining a stable environment for our employees and community. We work hard to make Lemare a top employer in the region. Our values guide our daily operations in a challenging industry and environment. 


  • Safety 

  • Performance

  • Partnership

  • Teamwork

  • Sustainability 

  • Environmental Responsibility 

  • Community 


3341 Mine Road, Box 609

Port McNeill, B.C. V0N 2R0


T: 250-956-3123

F: 250-956-4888

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