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We are proud to provide sustainable employment to our employees, support small communities, and generate economic opportunities in the places we live, work, and play. 


Lemare has been operational since 1984, predominantly working in the small communities that are the life-blood of B.C.'s coast.


We are proud to have worked with some of B.C.'s brightest forest professionals to develop stable, assured employment. Wages, competitive salaries, commitment to sourcing local contractors, stumpage, and taxes are all part of the way Lemare helps to contribute to the local economy.


Lemare has worked to support community organizations, events and initiatives for three generations.


Port McNeill is the centre of our operations, and our community contributions are made to environmental causes, sports teams, service groups, and through support of awards and bursaries.


Lemare has a vested interest in the health of the environment we operate in.


The province of British Columbia has worked to implement some of the world's most comprehensive forest management standards. We work with their teams of professionals to ensure policies and practices are in place and followed. 

Our team of forest professionals are educated in forestry, biology and the environment. We are aware of the delicate balance that global population is facing in resource management in the current age, and we work to mitigate environmental impacts in our operations wherever possible. 



We provide entry-level employment positions, and encourage people with skills and talent to maximize their potential through hands-on learning opportunities. 

Lemare engages with secondary and post-secondary education providers to find the most talented and motivated young workers. 

Vancouver Island University, University of British Columbia, and University of Northern B.C. and Thompson Rivers University are just some of the many schools offering training in forest sector and in environmental education. Explore the links below for more information.



At Lemare Group, in the past 30 years we have fostered the development of over 45 red-seal professionals. 

Contact us for more information about shop and mechanical opportunities with the Lemare Group, or visit the website of one of the many trade and technical schools located throughout B.C.



In our engineering and administration offices we offer training and room for advancement.


We have a complex operation, with positions available for professionals and entry level staff.

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Contact us about careers, employment opportunities, & contract opportunities with Lemare.

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