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C&E Roadbuilders Ltd. has been providing heavy civil services in British Columbia's most challenging terrain since 1985. We deliver safe, cost effective and intelligent solutions to our clients.


C&E Roadbuilders Ltd. constructs more forestry access roads in British Columbia than the next three largest competitors combined. In addition to forestry construction, deactivation and reclamation, C&E actively participates in non-forestry construction projects including highways, rural access roads, green energy and energy sector construction. We have a history of beneficial partnerships with Indigenous Nations dating back over 25 years and welcome the conversation on Joint Ventures and business development.

Safety, stewardship, and exceeding client expectations guide our approach to operations. 

We welcome you to engage with us and understand the difference. 



C&E Roadbuilders has built a highly skilled team of Professional staff and crew capable of managing significant projects, start to finish. 


C&E Roadbuilders delivers safe, cost effective and pragmatic construction solutions that are based on the client's needs and responsive to the environment and site conditions.


C&E Roadbuilders brings knowledge, resources and a uniquely effective approach to challenging projects, blending the best of technological advances with practical know-how. 



C&E Roadbuilders have experience working in the development and implementation of heavy civil solutions across multiple resource and transportation sectors, including:

  • Forestry access road design and construction, reactivation, deactivation, and reclamation.

  • Multi sector bridge design, construction, installation and replacement.

  • Multiple alternative energy sector builds such as run-of-the-river hydro electric and wind farm projects throughout British Columbia. 

  • Marine interface infrastructure including the design and installation of cribbing, wharves, booming grounds, and moorage. 

  • Highway maintenance and construction.

  • Pipeline access road design and construction, clearing and grading.




C&E Roadbuilders is proud of their ongoing commitment to building fair, transparent and sustainable partnerships with the indigenous nations in whose traditional territory we operate. 

We believe in upholding principles of stewardship, good governance and grassroots community connections. Economic equity is our goal as we explore new partnerships and new ways of performing business and environmental works.



Kyah Lemare Joint Venture (KLJV) provides technical, world class calibre heavy civil services through an innovative, team-based approach to rural service provision. 


Kyah Resources is 100% Indigenous Owned and a majority shareholder in KLJV. 


We prioritize and support the participation, training and employment of Indigenous, diverse and local people and businesses. 

It is our honour to work in conjunction with our parters at Kyah to ensure the Nations' Stewardship plans and sustainable development goals (SDG's) are advanced. 

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