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February 1 - April 1, 2021

The Quatsino First Nation and Lemare Group are hosting our first annual virtual job & career fair. This month-long event is open to Quatsino First Nations Members who are interested in exploring opportunities in Forestry, Construction, Silviculture, Environmental Services, Shop & Mechanical Services, Camp Support, Finance, and Administration opportunities. 

Candidates will have the opportunity to book an appointment to engage directly with QFN/Lemare representatives to answer questions for candidates, and discuss the opportunities available. 



Tree Planting



February 1 - April 1, 2021

Candidates will have the opportunity to attend a weekly, live question and answer period from currently employees working in Forestry, Environmental, Shop Services & Mechanical and Office & Administration.  We encourage you to attend one of these events before booking your one-on-one conversation with Indigenous and industry employment advisors.


Webinar Dates:

  • Forestry Employment Webinar

  • Environmental Services Webinar

  • Shop Services & Mechanical  Webinar

  • Office & Administration Webinar



If you are looking for an exciting job or career in the diverse field of natural resource opportunities within the Quatsino First Nations Traditional Territories, our knowledgable team of Indigenous Employment Advisors and Industry experts will support you by:

  • Matching your skills and interests to job vacancies in areas of your choice

  • Providing you information about short and long-term opportunities in your specific areas of interest

  • Connecting you to skills training and education 

  • Connecting you to other employees who can let you know what their days are like in their jobs 

  • Guide you through entry-level skills training

  • Providing career counselling referrals 


QFN Transparent.png
1. Who should attend these events?
2. What is a "Virtual Jobs & Career Fair?"
3. What can I expect by attending one of the webinars or booking an appointment to learn more?
4. Is there anything I should do to prepare myself for attendance at the virtual job & career fair?
5. I have questions right now, who should I talk to at the Quatsino First Nation or Lemare?
6. I have a friend or family member that is not able to connect online. How do I help them in this process?
7. If I am a good applicant, do I have to wait until the end of the fair to get a job or start my career?
8. Are you hiring at any other time of year?
9. Do you have part-time positions?
10. I don't drive or have access to transportation, how can I access work opportunities such as this one?
11. I have a history or challenges that make this kind of thing uncomfortable. Is there anyone I can talk to about this?
12. I would like some work, but these jobs are not for me. What else can I do?


  • Forestry
  • Environmental Services
  • Shop & Mechanical

Thank you for contacting the QFN/Lemare Jobs & Career Fair

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