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That's the ticket: Another year of 'Cram the Cruiser' for the Food Bank is a success.

Port McNeill B.C. December 14th, 2020 - It's been a couple economically hard years on the North Island for forestry dependant families and businesses. This year in particular we are looking for opportunities to bridge gaps and right inequities, and break down old barriers.

And on that note... This week you may have spotted an RCMP cruiser on your 6 - but thankfully it was only out front of IGA being crammed with food!

This is only one such important initiative for the Harvest Food Bank this Christmas. If you missed 'Cram the Cruiser' you can go direct to Harvest Food Bank, Donate at IGA's drop-off bin, or share funds online through the Harvest Food Bank Donation portal.

Thank you, Gilakas'la, for the communities and groups working to remove barriers and help each other today and everyday. It is a long journey we are on to a healthier community, and we are here to learn, and share.

Happy Holidays all. Ask for what you need, reach out kindly, and reach out often.


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