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Environmental works require a specific blend of technical professional oversight, planning and know-how, coupled with an understanding of specific community, social and cultural needs. 

At Lemare Group, we look at projects through a pragmatic, equitable, skill-forward lens. Optimizing the value of these project means our collective reach goes further, and that's more important than ever. We are proud to work with professionals and community to build a better future through green energy and public works projects, and our repair of natural ecosystems through restoration and reclamation projects. Please contact us to speak with any one of our team of Professionals about your environmentally-oriented project. 



Lemare Group has a team of Professional staff and partners capable of managing significant environmentally-based projects, start to finish. We listen, engage and partner with First Nations, Communities, Government and clients to ensure the work performed meets the most stringent environmental standards and community needs.


We deliver safe, cost effective and pragmatic environment solutions that are based on the client's needs and responsive to the environment and site conditions. 


Lemare Group and our partners bring knowledge, resources and a uniquely effective approach to challenging projects, blending the best of technological advances with social and cultural considerations and practical know-how. 



Lemare Group has experience working in the development and implementation of environmental reclamation projects, foreshore restorations, storm water systems, de-activations, green energy and public works.


We also provide: 

  • Environmental Assessments and Review

  • Mitigation Plans

  • Permitting and Authorization Assistance

  • Development and Legislation Consultation

  • Habitat Assessments 

  • Mapping Services

  • Feasibility Reviews and Assessments

  • Erosion Control - Planning and Construction



GIS Services: ​

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

  • Modelling and Analysis

  • Cartography

  • CAD Services




Lemare Group is proud of their ongoing commitment to building fair, transparent and sustainable partnerships with the Indigenous Nations in whose traditional territory we operate. 

We are also pleased to facilitate discussion between parties using our technical understanding to advise on potential courses of action and feasibility.