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Steep Slope, Othello, BC

Project type

Rugged Terrain Construction


January 2024- March 2024


Othello, British Columbia


Steep Slope, Backfill

Lemare successfully completed a project in Othello, near Hope, British Columbia, in collaboration with Macro Industries and Trans Mountain Corp. on Spread 5B of the TMEP Project. This particular segment spans approximately 85 kilometers, extending from the Coquihalla summit to Bridal Falls.

In navigating the challenging terrain of Othello's steep slope, Lemare executed backfill support operations. This involved employing a cable full suspension method for placing aggregate backfill and topsoil material, where standard equipment could not operate. Lemare supplied the Steep Slope Cable Delivery System (S3), providing a delivery bucket equipped with a GPS-referenced line view camera system to transport and place aggregate up the steep slope.

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