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Lions Gate Forest Products Ltd. (Lions Gate) was conceived in 2005 as a result of Lemare Group management recognizing a need for open, fair and equitable tenure management solutions on the British Columbia Coast. Over the past 15 years Lions Gate has expanded its client base and proudly partners with many of British Columbia's tenure holders providing a variety of services. 

The British Columbia Government administers and maintains the forest tenures system and the legislation, regulations, agreements, policies and procedures that address the occupation of Crown land and harvesting of Crown and private timber. For many tenure holders, small businesses, First Nations, and land owners this system can represent significant process and operational challenges. Lions Gate helps our clients successfully navigate Provincial policy and legislation as well as the administration, operational logistics and finance necessary to successfully optimize an organization's timber harvesting abilities. Acting with our client's best interest in mind, we operate with a global perspective on stewardship, markets, competition and sustainability, balanced with a commitment to supporting British Columbia business and community.



Lions Gate believes in creating long term relationships that are transparent and mutually successful.

Lions Gate follows a process of planning, budgeting, and transparent communication. Once the client has been completely informed, we seek their approval to execute an optimized operations strategy and provide regular reporting updates.

Lions Gate operates with experience, attention to detail, and professional accountability. Unlike our competition, Lions Gate offers our clients guaranteed and predictable returns from their forestry assets.

Lions Gate operates confidentially and  independently from third party influence. We believe this strict policy of independence is necessary to provide our clients with the assurance that Lions Gate has their best interests in mind.  



Lions Gate is the most experienced, hands-on tenure management team on the British Columbia coast. We offer the following services:

  • Provincial forest policy interpretation

  • Advising and supporting discussion with the Province and industry stake holders

  • Structuring of contracts

  • Harvest program design, engineering and cutting permit approval

  • Financial and operational projections and budgets

  • Contract management of road construction and timber harvesting

  • Quality control

  • Inventory tracking and control

  • Log Sales: export and domestic

  • Custom cut

  • Financing





Lions Gate is committed to building fair, transparent and sustainable partnerships with industry stakeholders and the indigenous nations in whose traditional territory we operate. 

We have decades long joint ventures and partnership with Nations on the coast of B.C. Contact us to learn more about the ways in which we facilitate healthy, longstanding and equitable relationships in a complex industry.


Thank you for your interest in contacting Lionsgate Forest Products.​​ We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or the next business day. 

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Thank you for contacting Lionsgate Tenure Management.

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