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COVID-19 Management at Lemare

PORT McNEILL, B.C. March 17 2020 - The spread of COVID-19 into international pandemic status is of critical concern to our communities, families, businesses and workforce. At Lemare Group, guidance and advice in navigating the pandemic will occur daily through primary health authority sources. Those are the Federal Government, Provincial Government, BC Centre for Disease Control, Island Health Authority, and WorkSafeBC.

All aspects of operations will have modified services and there will be impact to operations including and not limited to camp services, travel, inter-community contact and office management. Ann Marie Baron is leading the facilitation of COVID-19 management and can be reached at for specific information pertaining to the COVID-19 Management Plan.


Update: March 30, 2020


"Be kind, be calm, be safe." Lemare Group safety measures during COVID-19

Lemare has a COVID-19 management plan in place.

  • We prioritize maintaining a safe workplace above all else. We require all staff to follow COVID-19 mitigation protocol designed to protect them at each specific task in our operations. Staff is provided protocol prior to commencing work.

  • We encourage and enforce social distancing whenever possible. Mask are used in all shared spaces.

  • We have reduced the need to attend our offices to necessary visits, and are minimizing in-person meetings.

  • For more information, please request our Lemare Group COVID-19 Exposure Management Plan from or

Please do not visit our offices or work sites without an appointment in advance. We can be reached at 250-956-3123 to schedule and accommodate you. We appreciate understanding and compliance with all COVID-19 policies. For more information on COVID-19 protocol, please contact Sincerely , Staff & Management of Lemare Group


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